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Good hair day - a guide to the hair looks from our AW17 shoot

Written by - Bluebella

How to get gorgeous A/W17 tresses

September is here and with it our stunning new Autumn/Winter 2017 collection!
Known for designs that embrace and push boundaries, our latest collection takes you on a journey of unpredictable pleasure and our A/W17 campaign shoot had to reflect this, hair and makeup included.
Bluebella AW17 Lingerie and Nightwear Karolina Basque Bra Thong High-waist Suspender Thong Black
The hair looks for our A/W17 shoot were masterminded by Lara Zee, a London-based hair stylist, the cream of the crop and our personal hair favourite (@larazeehair).
Lara Zee - hair stylist - AW17 Bluebella shoot
We took the opportunity at the shoot to get the low down on how to achieve such sumptuous lock looks. Complete below with a full product list you can kiss goodbye to those pesky bad hair days!
Bluebella AW17 Lingerie and Nightwear Marina Chemise Bra and Thong Black
Prep –
Bumble and Bumble - Surf Foam Spray
Finish –
Bb Song Hold Finishing Spray
Spray the prep product throughout the mid lengths and ends and turn the head upside down, roughly drying all the product in, working it through the hair using a Tangle Teezer. Flipping the hair back up, use Bayliss 32mm tongs, taking different sized sections starting at the bottom working up. Each section is softly wrapped around the tong - the trick here is to keep your tongs vertical to the head (always pointing down) - this will ensure soft, lived in waves that look natural. Once all the hair had been left to cool - no brushing - flip the head upside down again, give it a good shake and ruffle with the hands, using fingers as a comb, then lightly mist with finishing spray. Once the head is flipped back upright the result is tousled and textured yet defined waves.
Bluebella AW17 Lingerie and Nightwear campaign shoot hair and makeup behind the scenes Lia Bra and Brief
Prep –
Supreme Magic Move
Finish –
Bumble & Bumble - Dryspun Finishing Spray
Apply a very small amount of prep product evenly throughout the mid lengths and ends and turn the head upside down, roughly drying all the product in using a Tangle Teezer. Flipping the hair back, use GHDs and take small sections starting at the back working up the head, keeping the GHDs vertical at all times. Slowly smooth the roots and then loosely twist the straighteners around the hair, each section in the opposite direction to the one before. This allows you to create volume that looks very natural - the key to this look is keeping the roots looking really healthy and shiny whilst creating texture in the ends. This look is completed by keeping the fringe flat on the hairline to achieve a slightly more grown up finish, and then going a little crazy with the Dryspun spray in the mid length & ends to add and hold moving definition.
Bluebella AW17 Lingerie and Nightwear Natalia Body Black
Being able to wear comfortable underwear all day long is a must for Lara as she’s always on the move but that can mean losing out on feeling fabulous (Bridget jones pants and sports bras were always on the menu). Enter Bluebella. ‘This what I love most about Bluebella - the combination of underwear that is comfortable, functional but also sexy and structured which allows me to feel like I can take on the world with a strut in my step!’
Lara’s favourite Bluebella pieces all fall in the Caton range. Caton was a bestseller for us with her delicate guipure and open cup and embodies the quintessential bold-and-beautiful Bluebella ethos.
Bluebella Lingerie Caton Bra Black
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